Weight loss is personal

We know that a health journey is a personal journey that thrives with the help of others.

Think of us as your weight loss coach, teammate and cheerleader - all in one app.

We believe that a well tracked life is a healthy & happy life.

Studies show that 88% of people who track their food consistently, see weight loss results in just 7 days. So let's get tracking!

With the right tools and some encouragement, we can all be a success story!

A weight loss journey must manifest on its own, but the real magic happens when we all transform together.

Strength in Numbers

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The Healthi app is an entire weight loss program in your back pocket.

Daily Food Tracking

Check your tracking progress throughout the day and keep tabs on how many BITES you are consuming.

Bar Code Scanner

Track your foods quickly and check BITE counts by using the bar code scanner.

Meal Plans

Plan out your meals for the week with our Meal Plan feature and stay on top of your tracking.

Voice Recognition

Go hands free with your tracking and use voice recognition technology to enter what you're eaten for the day.

Recipe Book

Choose what to eat from our collection of recipes with pre-loaded BITES, calories, and net carbs.

Community Support

Need an extra lift from friends? Connect with other members through our in-app Community.

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Resources For Success

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The Kaleidoscope

Find curated recipes, helpful tips from our Coaches, and more on our Blog

Healhti Podcast
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Listen to our multiple Podcast series on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Healhti Podcast
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Get personalized support through your journey from our team of Coaches