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As we often say, our community means everything to us at Healthi. We wanted to create another space to serve as a gathering ground for story telling, advice giving, and overall cheerleading. You can catch all Healthi podcasts on your favorite podcast platforms, including:

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Monday, November 15, 2021
Podcast Episode

iTrackBites is Now Healthi

The food tracking app that you’ve known and loved for years, got a fresh coat of paint! We are now Healthi! We inspire, motivate, and support individuals who are on a personal journey of weight loss, self care, and overall wellness. As we evolve as a brand, we want to remain focused on our members. They’re our heart center! Listen to our Community Manager, Jordan, explain our newest transformation.

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Our Series


We’ll be chatting with you all- the members! These are the real conversations about the struggles and successes that we all face. Host of the podcast, and overall Healthi connoisseur: Jordan Chops, will be digging deep into each person’s health journey and taking a closer look into the challenges that most of us face in the weight loss process. We all experience highs and lows in this journey. Jordan wants to shed some light on these pressing matters that can motivate and guide others going forward. You can expect these episodes on Wednesday and Friday mornings.


Most of you are already familiar with our Head Coach Lisa. She knows EVERYTHING about Healthi. Which is why she’ll be popping on periodically to discuss new app developments, helpful diet/ lifestyle guidance, and of course sharing her best recommendations for seeing success with our weight loss plans. She will be talking about the key topics that will help you with your weight loss journey.


Last, but certainly not least, Jordan will host a Monday Coffee Chat Series. These episodes are designed to help you start your work week on the right foot. These will be quick, fun and light-hearted chats with a different Healthi Coach or Ambassador. We want it to feel like you’re a fly on the wall while Jordan and these app loyalists grab coffee and catch up on life! These episodes will hopefully answer some of the questions that you may wonder about weight loss success. Tune in, connect your headphones, and BYOC (bring your own coffee).

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    Mary’s Inspiring Story of Overcoming Binge Eating

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    Member Spotlight 036

    Brianna’s Transition from BITES to Calories

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  • Tuesday, November 9, 2021
    Member Spotlight 001


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Meet Jordan Chops, The Healthi Talks Host!

Jordan is currently Healthi’s Social Media and Community Manager. He gets to engage with our Community daily, create amazing content, and now host our Podcast! Before joining the team, Jordan was a Brand Ambassador and even underwent his own weight loss journey with Healthi (then iTrackBites.) He currently lives in Alabama with his wife and two children.

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