A Short Summary of My Healthi Journey

This trip has been like a thrill ride at your local amusement park, lots of fears and thrills. I have done literally every diet there is out there over the course of my adult life. Believe me when I tell you I could buy a small ocean side mansion with what I’ve spent on programs and products. But now, I’ve found iTrackBites and I genuinely feel like I’ve found my home… my tribe. Not only is the program completely customizable and affordable, the people here at iTrackBites are phenomenal. They are so inspiring and encouraging, just plain NICE. I’m excited to be here with you as we, together, go on this fantastic expedition..

A Fun Fact About Myself

I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. I'm a certified Health and Nutrition coach as well as a certified Weight Loss coach and specialize in anti-aging weight loss. I also hold certifications in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for weight loss and aquatic fitness. I am also an esthetician and a makeup artist. I'm passionate about helping people realize their true inner beauty no matter their size. I truly believe success is made on a foundation of self love. I love going thrift store/flea market shopping and crafting. And I’m also CRAZY about dogs.

Favorite Feature or Tip for Using Healthi

I love the Recipe Builder. I’m always trying to lighten up my favorite recipes and the Builder has proved to be an invaluable tool.

Favorite Healthi Community Group

 Better Balance and Calorie Command

What's the One thing I've Learnt about Healthi?

I've learned that no matter what season of life you're experiencing, itrackbites always has a plan that can benefit you and you can change plans to accommodate your lifestyle as you see fit.

Mindy on The Scope

Weight Loss is Personal

There is no “one size fits all” solution to weight loss. Join the millions who have seen health and wellness success through our six unique weight loss plans. It’s as easy as: pick your plan, track your food, lose the weight!

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