Hi friends! Coach Lisa here!

There are several little tips that can help you see better results on the scale come weigh in day. Nothing will erase the dozen donut holes you may have eaten at midnight the day before. However, here are some things I have found helpful.

These are especially helpful for anyone with stomach / digestive issues like Celiac Disease, Hashimoto, PCOS, Crohn's Disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome...


If you are going to have a high point day - try to have it as soon after your weigh day of that week as possible. Special events aside, if you know you are going to have a high carb / high salt / heavy eating day - don't wait until 2 days before weigh in and then panic the next day.


Most of us are watching this anyway but how much water your body retains in response to our daily sodium intake can make a HUGE difference on the scale.Switch to a salt free seasoning blend a few days before and limit the amount of heavy starches - potatoes, rice & pasta especially for the few days leading up to weigh in.


If you are a carb addict - removing those carbs needs a substantial replacement and PROTEIN is your answer.Fresh fish, chicken and lean red meat are low in points so add an extra serving of those with plenty of fresh vegetables to your pre weigh day meals to help you feel more satisfied.


If you weigh in early in the day, try having your last meal by no later than 7pm to give your body time to fully digest and process what you've eaten.I know people who weigh in at 6pm and don't eat until after weigh in but this is not recommended as you are likely to binge afterwards.


Eating earlier also gives your body time to move things through but making a quick pitstop before hopping on the scale can help.


Clothing makes a huge difference - from your shoes to bulky sweaters - it all adds up.If you are weighing at the gym or a meeting - try to wear the same clothes each time.Pack them in a gym bag and change at the meeting if you need to.If you are weighing at home - clothing is of course optional - but then you certainly can't blame your birthday suit for adding a few pounds...LOL


If you don't have enough water for your body to function as it should - it holds onto what you DO give it and can cause major water retention especially when paired with high sodium intake. The big reason for all the water is not only hydration but also to fill you up so you don't overindulge.Most nutritionists recommend drinking at least 2 cups of water 20-30 min before a meal and again before bed as a bare minimum.

Some recommend room temperature water and others say to drink it as cold as possible so your body expends energy heating it up. I can't stand room temp water so ice cold it is for me. My water goal is to drink at least 4x 17oz bottles/day for now. I might eventually get to more as my exercise increases but 4/day is a lot right now.

But there are other ways to incorporate more liquid into your diet. Many fresh fruit and vegetables are high in water content and great additions to your meals.


Decide if you want your weigh in day to give you structure - if you know you are weighing on Sun, are you likely to stick to your plan more on Fri /Sat or do you want it to give you more freedom - so you weigh on Friday so you can do more over the weekend?


If you drink, consider if that affects your weight and if so, when are you the most likely to be affected by it.Planning weigh in after a weekend of indulgence is probably not the best idea...

What are some of your favorite tricks pre weigh day?